ACS College Navapur

Principal Message

Dr. A.G. Jaiswal

The college was started in 1981 by the visionary group of the society members from various fields like politics, business, administrative sector etc. They established the institution, Adivasi Seva Sahayyak Sanstha in 1974, considering the need of providing facilities of higher education to this remote part of Northern Maharashtra. Before 1981 there was not a single institute in existence in this part for providing even under graduate education, as this part of Maharashtra is backward remote surrounded by forest & hilly area. To seek higher education the students had to go to urban area, but it was almost impossible for the students belonging to the tribal community as their economical condition was not only poor but wretched and hence they had to stop their education after H.S.C. This forced the visionary group of the town to help these poor classes and provide the higher education facilities in this part.

For this purpose the institution slightly changed its name to indicate their intention and added the word "And Shikshan Prasarak" and the first step taken by them was the starting of Art and Commerce college in 1981. Later on the institution introduced the Science wing in 1990. The college slowly and steadily started flourishing and with help of UGC grants and the generous donors from the local community developed essential infrastructure and soon the college became one of the recognised college of this part.

The college was assessed and accredited in 2004 with B grade. The Peer Committee had given some suggestions to enhance the standard of higher education and most of the suggestions are fulfilled by the college. The infrastructure, learning sources, vocational courses, well-equipped and advanced laboratories, rich library changed the entire scenario and nature of the college. It is NAAC, IQAC and the schemes of the UGC helped the college to give a new look to the institution.

The enhancement in the standard of teaching, learning is clearly reflected in the results and merit lists of North Maharashtra University Jalgaon. In the last four years five students of our college secured gold medals and eight other students secured place in the merit list of University. The college introduced five vocational courses and two P.G courses after the first cycle of assessment. The college also implements the NMU’s IDEAL distance educations P.G courses in five subjects. For the needy persons the college also runs YCMOU, Nashik centre.

The efforts taken by the college to uplift the standard of higher education and its commitment to the society are appreciated by not only the NMU Jalgaon but also by the government of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government awarded the cash prize of Rs. 50000/- along with the trophy and certificate of appreciation for the community service of the institute. The government also awarded the best NSS unit and the best NSS program officers. The NMU Jalgaon also appreciated the performance of the Department of Sports by awarding the 2nd prize in the form of the trophy and a certificate of appreciations for the last academic year.

The college also encourages teachers to update their knowledge and carry out research projects. The result of this is that 10 teachers secured Ph.D degree and 15 teachers obtained M.Phil degree. Two teachers Dr. R. A. Mali (Department of Hindi) and Mr. I. G. Pathan (Department of Physics) completed their Minor Research Projects respectively with the help of financial aid by the UGC. Three teachers published five books and chapters in books. Almost 75 research papers are published by teachers in various recognized national and international journals. In the last 3 years the college organized three National conferences and one State level conference.

To conclude, I am pleased for the kind co-operation of the UGC, NMU Jalgaon, Management of our institute, Government of Maharashtra and all stakeholders of the institute, local community for supporting our efforts to uplift the standards of higher educations. I also expressed my sincere gratitude to Government Organizations, NGOs, students and alumni, faculty members for their support. I hope this report will find criteria-wise worthy and will justify our sincere efforts.