ACS College Navapur


The college flash prospects below, which include all the information of admission process. It also carries the information regarding the facilities available, student's achievements various activities of the college, Prize list for students, information of various scholarships available. Process and schedule of registration, first second third merit selection list are displayed on the notice board for keeping transparency in admission process. The whole admission process will be completed as per the rules and regulations of N.M.U. Jalgoan.

The admission committee monitors, counsels and creates students profile with office assistance. Large number of students from backward and economically weaker sections is admitted in the college. Students of high percentage seeking admission to the various courses offered by the college. Most of the courses are exclusively available in the college. The institutional goals and objectives state the development of casteless society and creation of equality among the diverse sections of the society. The college is very much conscious of the inclusion of rural (Adivashi), economically backward and women students.

The college prepares an academic calendar every year based on the broad framework supplied by the university. All the teaching staff is supplied with DTR (Daily Teaching Report-Diary) in which semester wise teaching plan is prepared well in advanced before beginning of semester. Exam committee looks after the schedule of internal examinations. The college has strategies to cater to the needs of diverse students viz. Remedial classes, Add-on courses like translation proficiency, soft skills and personality development, spoken English, department internet facility, and various career oriented courses such as Web technology, Software technology.

IQAC established in the college, which monitors the overall activities in the college. Result analysis is done at the IQAC meetings. Workshops and seminars on important issues in higher education are arranged under the guidance of IQAC. The IQAC takes review of the infrastructural requirements for different courses.

The college monitors students performance and progress regularly through the examination results. The advance learners are provided with extra study material and average/slow learners are given counselling individually. Remedial coaching is offered for the slow learners, thereby enabling them to overcome the weakness and realize the strength and potential. The college has consistently maintained track record of meritorious students. To help the students to succeed in competitive examination the college has started service cell under the guidance of Shri. Sunil Borse.

- College faced NAAC in 2003-04. It has been accredited with B grade by NAAC Banglore.
- Immediately after that IQAC cell was formed as per the guidelines of NAAC. It monitors the overall functioning and quality sustenance of the college. The college has already started the process of re accreditations.

FEE CHART 2014-2015 :

Admission Fee252525252525252525
Tution Fee800800800800800800800800800
Library Fee125125125125125125125125125
Medical Fee250025002500
Gymkhana Fee100100100100100100100100100
Tutorial & Internal Exam.606060606060606060
Disaster Management101010101010101010
Magazine Fee404040404040404040
Laboratory Fee (Science)000000600700800
College Development Fund757575757575757575
Student Activities Fee404040404040404040
Poor Student Aid Fund Fee404040404040404040
Ashwamedh Competition fee303030303030303030
Computerization Fee202020202020202020
Student Group Insurance101010101010101010
M.K.C.L. Fee505050505050505050
Alumni Association Fee002500250025
Personality Dev.& Career Guidance252525252525252525
Miscellaneous Fee100100100100100100100100100
Eligibility Fee500050005000
Computer Laboratory Fee000350400450000
General Knowledge Fee010000100001000
Environment Science Sub.100001000010000
Eligibility Form Fee100010001000
Identity Card Fee151515151515151515
Total Fee- Paying175016651590210020652040235023652390

FYBSC Computer Lab. Fee : 1500
Out of State student Eligibility fee : 120
SY/TY B.A.Geo.Sub.Lab.Fee : 250

Non Grant Basis Courses Fees :

SYBSc Computer Science Tution Fee 2500
  Lab.Fee 3000
TYBSc Computer Science Tution Fees 4000
  Lab.Fee 4000
M.A.I (Hindi) Tution Fees 5000
  Lab.Fee 1480
M.A.II (Hindi) Tution Fees 5000
  Lab.Fee 1480
MBM Tution Fees 10,000
  Lab.Fee 6,000

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