ACS College Navapur

Alumni Body

The aim of this Alumni committee to organize get-together function for alumni those who are working in the different field and designation. By taking the advantages of their experience and ideas to the regular students. So regular student can take the benefit of ideas and real experience for increasing confidence and competency of their own. The association regularly meets and interacts with the management. It holds interactive sessions to motivate students.

Alumni Committee :

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Shri. Bharat MadhukarSauidane President
2 Shri. Narayan Marathe Vice-President
3 Shri Jitu Gavit Secretary
4 Prof. Sau. Chhaya Gavit Member
5 Shri. Shantilal J. Chaudhari Member
6 Shri. Vijay Manohar Deshmukh Member
7 Shri. Vasant Ramchandra Tamboli Member
8 Shri. Madhav Vasant Kulkarni Member
9 Shri. Sonaj P. Bhandharkar Member
10 Shri. Jagdish C. Vasave Member
11 Shri. Ramesh M. Chavan Member
12 Shri. Prakash R. Pimpale Member

Our college has formed Alumni Committee as follows for overall discipline of Alumni :

- Shri. N.O. Patil (Chairman)
- Shri. R.A. Pathan (Member)
- Shri. Y.G. Bhadhane ( Member)