ACS College Navapur

Department Of Political Science

Year of Establishment of the Department : 1982

Teacher of the Department : 02

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
1 Shri. A.B. Mahajan Vice-Principal M.A., M.Phill Political Science
2 Smt. T.A. Mahajan Assit. Professor M.A., B.Ed.(CHB) Political Science

Facilities in the Department : Nil

Courses run by the Dept. other than the regular courses of the affiliated University :

M.A. (Political Science) - Ideal Dept. NMU, Jalgoan

Strength of Student : ( 2014-2015)

Class General Level Special Level
F.Y.B.A. 163 -
S.Y.B.A. 118 50
T.Y.B.A. 115 54

P.G. if : Nil

Achievements of students of the Dept. (Merits, sports, seminar, co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities) Last 5 years : Nil

Organization of seminar/Conference /Workshop /Expert Lectures (Last 5 years) :

One Day University Level Seminar organized by Dept. of Political Science on "feminism Human Rights of Women" dt. 8 th March 2013.

Reference books/text book and journals of the subject in the central library/Dept. library (if) :

Reference Books - 280
Text Book - 936