ACS College Navapur

Department Of Zoology

Year of Establishment of the Department : 1992

Teacher of the Department : 04

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. R. D. Patil Associate professor and Head. M.Sc.Ph.D Zoology(Physiology)
2 Dr.D.P.Jaiswal Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Zoology(Physiology)
3 Smt. S. B. Bansode Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil Zoology(Physiology)
4 Shri.P.B.Bagul Assistant Professor M.Sc. Zoology

Facilities in the Department :

C. M.L.T Laboratory is constructed.

Advanced Instrumentation :

Auto cell counter Laminar Air Flow Spectrophotometer
Colorimeter Trinocular, Binocular research microscope Inverter,LCD Projector
Incubator Oven OHP
Auto Analyser Microtome Smart Board
Autoclave First Aid Kit Internet Connection

Basic Instrumentation :

Compound Microscope Dissecting Microscope Laboratory Glass wares
Zoological Specimens - -

Courses run by the Dept. other than the regular courses of the affiliated University :

1.Rakesh Deshmukh-Youth Festival (miming)
2.Vikas Saidane - Youth Festival (Debate)

Strength of Student : (2014-2015)

Class General Level
F.Y.B.Sc 97
S.Y.B.Sc 88
T.Y.B.Sc 72

P.G. if : Nil

Achievements of students of the Dept. (Merits, sports, seminar, co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities) Last 5 years :

Year Name of the Student Category of achievement
2009-2010 Vasava Manoj Department First
2010-2011 Shaikh Nargisbano Shaikh Yusuf University 3rd (Braunz medalist)
2011-2012 Banwayat Amanjtotkaur Surjitsing University First (Gold Medalist)
2012-2013 Gohil Neha Mahipatsinh
Valvi Pavitra Jayant
University First (Gold Medalist)
University Second (Silver Medalist)
2013-2014 Nazeeya Shaikh Department first

Organization of seminar/Conference /Workshop /Expert Lectures (Last 5 years) :

Year Name of the Activity
2009-2010 1. Poster Rangoli Exhibition on Environmental Degradation
2010-2011 1. Poster Rangoli Exhibition on AIDS awareness
2. Blood group Detection Camp
2011-2012 1. Four days Disaster Management Workshop” Jointly organized by Civil Defence department of Govt. of Maharashtra,Ozar and A.C.S College Navapur.
2. Street play on Ragging
3. Blood Donation Camp
4. Poster Rangoli Exhibition on Female Feticide
2012-2013 1.U G.C sponsored National Conference on "Biodiversity and Environmental Impact - 2012" organized by Department of Zoology, at the College on 22nd and 23rd December, 2012
2. "Four days Disaster Management and Karate Training workshop" Jointly organized by Civil Defense (Dal?) of Govt. of Maharashtra,Ozar and A.C.S College Navapur.

Reference books/text book and journals of the subject in the central library/Dept. library (if) :

Reference Books - 297
Text Book - 825