ACS College Navapur

Faculty Achievenments

Dr.A.G.Jaiswal (Principal)

1. Recognized as a Ph.D. guide by JJT University, Rajasthan (JJTU/R&D/3350 DT.22.03.2013)
2. Recognized as a PhD. guide by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon(NMU/11/PGR/Bot/2320 Dt.12.11.2013)
3. API verified by NMU Jalgaon [56.00] (NMU/18/API/1159/2013 Dt.31/10/2013)
4. Selected as a Principal in Arts, Commerce & Science College Navapur
5. Recognized as a counselor by Y.C.M.O. University, Nasik (From 2009 to date)
6. Awarded Second Best Prize for presenting poster International Conference 2011
7. Appointed as a executive director for Young Education Society Navapur
8. Elected as a Taluka President for "Andh Shraddha Nirmulan Samathi"
9. Awarded with "Man of the Year 2003" by ABI, U.S.A.

Shri. Pathak R.R.

1. Federation Award - 2009 for Outstanding Programme on Environments & Pollution - (10/01/2010)
2. Special Appreciation Award - 2010 (for Outstanding Performance in 2010) - (20/02/2011)
3. Certificate of Merit for Outstanding director of Finance
4. Certificate of Appreciation N.S.S. Po. - 2002 to 2005 (Contribution to N.S.S. & related social work)

Dr. R.D. Patil

1. Congress of Zoology Medal by Zoological Society of India Dt. 22 December 2012. (Gold Medal )
2. Awarded Fellowship and Gold medal of the Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Hardwar. ( Gold Medal )

Shri. A.B. Mahajan

1. Awarded Appreciation Certificate with Grade "A" by the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi on 30 th August 1996.
2. Felicitated on 13th Oct. 2002 Maharashtra Mali Society Federation, Nandurbar for his contribution to the organization and enlightenment of the Mali Society through various activities and programmes.
3. Awarded BEST PROGRAMME OFFICER in NSS by NMU Jalgoan 2001-02
4. Award of State Level IDEAL TEACHER/ PROFESSOR by Milind Sanstha Dist: Nasik 2006.
5. State Level award DIAMOND OF MAHARASHTRA , Trimurti Grahak Krushi and Arogya Adhar Sanstha Mumbai 2009.

Mrs. Manda A. Gavit

1. Appointed as a member of district Co-ordination teacher Constituency Nashik 2012-13
2. Appointed as a member of Student Welfare Committee at University level 2012-2015.
3. Awarded of N.S.S. best programme Officer state level award in 2008-09
4. Awarded of N.S.S. best Programme Officer Antarbharati Institution ( Karya Gaurav Puraskar) 2008-09.
5. Certificate of Award "Upkramshil Pradyapika by Sakri Samachar 2011.
6. In University Level Aviskar 2014-15, Selected as best Poster Presentation.

Dr. I.G. Pathan

1. I.G. Pathan and L. A. Patil*, 'ZnO grain size control using CuO doping', UGC sponsored National Conference on Recent Advances in Material Synthesis and Characterization organized by Dadasaheb Devidas Namdeo Bhole College Bhusawal from 22nd to 23rd January 2011. Awarded First prize for best poster presentation.
2. Awarded Ph.D. Degree by North Maharashtra University, Jalgoan, Dt. 01/12/14.

Shri. H.N. Kamble

1.Awarded Vrukshamitra Puraskar and Manav Seva Ratnna by Environment Human Welfare and Tree Protection Sanstha ,Mumbai.
2. Awarded Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Manav Seva Purskar 2007 By Bhartiya Manav Vikas Seva Sangh Shahapur Dist.Thane

Mr. M. D. Udavant

1. Awarded by 3rd prize for Lalitgadhya-Lekhan by Shabd-Sadhana Parivar Dhule.
2. Awarded by 3rd prize as "Best Front Cover" of Eklavya Magazine.

Mrs. S.M. Udavant

1. Awarded "Gaurav Patra" by Govt. of Maharashtra , Information and Cultural Dept. and Nandurbar Dist. Administration Organized Grantho-uttsav.
2. Co-ordinator of "Jagar Janivachha" Mahila Vishayak Upkram.

Dr. Namdev N. Gajre

1. Awarded Ph.D. Degree by S.R.T.M.University, Nanded at Dt. 4/2/13.
2. Recognized as a Ph.D. guide by JJT University, Rajasthan (JJTU/R&D/2013-14/4809 DT. 6/3/14 )
3. Appointed as a Co-coordinator of Student Welfare Committee at North Maharashtra University during 2013-16.
4. Appointed as Additional P.O. Of National Scheme Service (N.S.S.) at college Level.
5. Appointed as Co-ordinator of "Gram Dattak Yojana" at college Level.
6. Appointed as Co-ordinator of "Red Ribbin Club" at college Level.
7. Appointed as Deputy Editor of International Vision Research Journal of Geography and Geology, Latur (M.S.) dt. 1/10/2012.
8. Appointed as Organiser of "SWACHHATA MITRA VKRUTVA KARANDAK" Competition , Govt. Of Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Dr. Sharad D. Patil

1. Recognized as a Ph.D. guide by JJT University, Rajasthan (JJTU/R&D /GRL/ 3660 DT.22.01.2014)
2. In University Level Aviskar 2014-15, Selected as best Poster Paper Presentation.