ACS College Navapur

Cultural / Social Activities

Cultural activities are a significant and integral part of student life in every educational institution. There are many hidden talents in students about them students are also unaware. The ‘Cultural Activity Committee’ is a proper channel through which students have been encouraged and motivated to participate in various cultural programs organize by universities or colleges.

The students participate in cultural programs for different reasons such as for enjoyment or entertainment, for self development or for developing particular skill, for meeting new people etc.

Our college has formed 'Cultural Activity Committee' with some objectives

Objectives of the committee :

1. To pay special attention towards students overall personality development.
2. To bring out students hidden talent by providing a proper platform to them.
3. To encourage and motivate students for participation in inter-collegiate, university, state and national level cultural programs.
4. To inculcate in them the value and importance of our culture by organizing different cultural programs on different occasion.
5. To create moral values and team spirit in them.

The multi-purpose hall is made available for organizing cultural events and speeches on certain occasions. Multipurpose hall is used by students for the practice of cultural activities like Youth Festival. We have the necessary instruments for conducting various cultural activities. To develop the employable and skills among students and help them to select better career option the college implements the following programs.

  • The college runs career counseling centre in collaboration with Asha Foundation, Mumbai. The centre organizes workshops and a guest lecture every Sunday for the students to prepare them for competitive exams like M.P.S.C, U.P.S.C etc
  • The various committee formed by the principal like literary association, debate , science association, social science association, organizes various programs and lectures of eminent scholars to guide students.
  • The college also runs COC courses like certificate course in spoken English, web technology, software technology to develop employable and life skills among students.
  • Workshops on personality development Maitri Shibir (Friendship workshop), Global Warming are organized regularly by the college.
  • The college also runs Competitive Examination Centre in collaboration with NMU Jalgaon.
  • The Adivasi students welfare committee invites the officers belonging to the Adivasi community, those who are in the administrative services to guide students by sharing their experiences
  • Yuvati Sabha and Women Cell organized programs to create awareness among society to save female child, Women feticide and women empowerment.

  • Girls Student Welfare Committee and Yuvati-Sabha :

    Educational institution is meant for making overall development of the students. To serve this kind of purpose various tools and instruments are used. Such as conducting debate competition organizing tournaments, inviting scholars to address the students etc. apart from these tools and instruments one is to from committee with specific objectives to be achieved.

    Our college has formed Girls Students Welfare Committee with the following objectives.

    1. To boost of the self confidence among the girls students.
    2. To inculcate the habit of expressing herself with clear thoughts.
    3. To help the society by doing various social activities such as blood donation, blood testing, literacy awareness rallies, AIDS awareness rallies.
    4. To develop the healthy competitive spirit among the ladies students.
    5. To contribute to nation building programme by delivering time work and money.
    6. To develop the perception of learning new things emerging in the world.
    7. To find out and identify own real ability for choosing the career.