ACS College Navapur


To provide higher educational facilities to the tribal students and prepare them to compete with urban students and to contribute their services to Nation building by promoting education.


Let's help one another to make life comfortable, peaceful and help to one another to uplift the standard of life of poor, specially of tribal people.


  • The core objective of the institution is to impart higher education to the students of tribal area of this Northern part of Maharashtra, which is dominated by the tribals.
  • To work for the all-round development of students specially the tribal community.
  • To help the needy and weaker students in education.
  • To help to uplift the standard of life of the tribals.
  • To make the tribal students compete with the students of other community and make them responsible citizens.
  • To eradicate blind beliefs and superstitions among tribals.
  • To motivate the faculty and the learners to take quality initiatives in academic research and extension activities and help them serve as desirable human resource in the development of the nation.
  • To prepare them to accept the challenges of the modern world.

  • Communication of mission, vision and goals to the student, teachers, staff and other stake holders.

  • The mission, vision and goals are communicated to students in the very first meeting of every academic year by the principal.
  • For teachers it is communicated at the time of appointment by the principal.
  • For other stake holders they are communicated in the meeting like teacher-parents gathering and annual meeting of the members of the management by the principal.